Before Becoming Trump’s Top Energy Aide, Mike Catanzaro Peddled Climate Change Denial as a Writer


President Donald Trump’s top energy aid—who has worked as a Koch Industries lobbyist—spent the early years of his career peddling climate change denial in conservative newspapers like Human Events and Evans-Novak Political Report.

Steve Horn has the full story over on DeSmog.

DeSmog has reviewed articles found in the Human Events archives, no longer found on the publication’s website, and they shed new light on Catanzaro and his views as Trump’s right-hand man on climate, energy, and environmental policy.

Catanzaro’s articles, obtained through the University of Wisconsin Libraries System, purport that mainstream U.S. environmental groups are driven by Marxist ideology and that global warming is a “liberal concept” (as opposed to a scientific reality). They also reveal him writing puff pieces on organizations such as the climate change-denying Heartland Institute and individuals such as prominent climate denier Fred Singer.

Among other whoppers, Catanzaro blames geysers like Old Faithful for global warming.

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Image Credit: C-SPAN Screenshot