EV Facts

The Koch brothers and their oil industry allies are spreading around lots of misinformation about electric vehicles. Through coordinated efforts to plant op-eds in both Conservative and Beltway media, and through other broad public-facing misinformation campaigns, they are hammering anti-EV talking points over and over and over. Problem is, these talking points are myths.

Those who benefit most from unconstrained consumption of oil and gas claim that EVs are a niche product for the rich, that they don’t really reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that government shouldn’t be “picking winners.” Without exception, the Koch campaign’s assault on EVs relies on cherry-picked data and arguments that are one-sided, misleading, or just plain wrong. 

Fortunately, we have facts to counter the Koch’s EV myths. Click through for more information on each EV fact.

The Economics of Electric Vehicles

The Electric Car Driving Experience

Environmental Attributes of Electric Vehicles

Plug-In Cars and the Electric Grid: Coming Soon

Other Useful EV Mythbusting

Besides our EV facts above, here are some more resources that debunk some of the myths perpetuated by Big Oil and the Koch network about electric cars.