Learn more about the Koch-fueled push to keep Americans dependent on fossil fuels and stifle electric vehicles and clean energy solutions.

Who’s Trying to Kill Electric Cars (Again): This investigation by Peter Stone for the Huffington Post was the first to expose the plans for the Koch campaign to attack electric vehicles.

Koch Industries advertorial in The Hill: Check out the ad that foretold the Fueling U.S. Forward campaign and this new era in EV attacks, then read our line-by-line rebuttal.

Background on the Koch brothers and their continuous attacks on clean energy

The Koch campaign to kill California’s Prop 23: DeSmog covered the coordinated attacks by Koch, Valero, and Tesoro to kill California’s landmark AB 32 law to fight global warming.

ALEC ExposedResearch from The Center for Media and Democracy and GreenPeace documents that the Koch foundations have given ALEC at least $600,000 in the past decade or so, and Koch Industries has donated an untold amount. ALEC Exposed explains how the Koch brothers use ALEC to undermine clean energy through state legislatures.

How ALEC Operates: The Energy and Policy Institute has a very useful primer on how ALEC operates.

The Institute for Energy Research and American Energy Alliance

The truth about electric vehicles (EVs)

Union of Concerned Scientists’ on Electric Vehicles: The UCS notes that widespread adoption of EVs could save 1.5 million barrels of oil a day by 2035. They’ve got a number of useful tools and reports to consider the full emissions and environmental impacts, and to explain the electrification of the automotive fleet. 

More EV myth-bashing: Media Matters has a useful resource that takes a hammer to number of EV myths, including many of those being used in the Koch vs. Electric Vehicles campaign. 

The EV expert’s opinion: Rolang Hwang, Director of NRDC’s Energy and Transportation Program, regularly posts helpful and fact-based arguments on his blog

EV reviews: Ready to take the plunge and buy or lease an EV? Or at least take one for a test drive? Green Car Reports has great “first drive” reviews, videos, buying guides, and all the information you need to consider what plug-in suits you best