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The Koch Brothers and their fossil fuel industry allies are waging an ongoing campaign to limit consumer choice and stifle clean tech innovation by attacking clean transportation standards, electric vehicles (EVs), and other clean energy solutions.

Though Charles and David Koch have long fought to keep America dependent on oil and gas, in recent years these efforts have increased and refined focus to combat clean energy policies at the federal, state, and local levels.

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the Koch brothers have installed their allies at the top levels of government—from administrative agencies like the Departments of Energy and the Interior to the White House itself.

Meanwhile, Koch-funded and affiliated groups are actively targeting programs and policies that support the development of low-carbon, clean energy solutions, and especially those that encourage the transition to electric cars. We provide more background on the Koch’s efforts to undermine clean energy progress here.

The Origins of Koch vs Clean

In 2016, an investigation by Peter Stone revealed a Koch network plan “to spend about $10 million dollars per year to boost petroleum-based transportation fuels and attack government subsidies for electric vehicles.”

Koch vs. Clean, a DeSmog project, was launched to expose the individuals, organizations and tactics behind these senseless attacks on electric vehicles, consumer choice and the innovative clean energy technologies the public demands and deserves.

In August 2016, a new oil and gas front group called Fueling U.S. Forward launched with a slick website, flashy GIFs, and infographics, confirming Stone’s reporting and the Koch-funded campaign to promote oil and gas and combat electric vehicles.  

Barely a year after launching, Fueling U.S. Forward was shut down—a full history is recorded here—but other Koch-funded efforts endure. Front groups like Energy4US and Koch-tied advocacy organizations like the Institute for Energy Research continue to support the Koch’s goals of keeping Americans dependent on oil and gas.

KochvsClean will continue to track these groups, expose their misinformation campaigns, and debunk the myths they perpetuate.