It’s Cheaper to Fuel Cars with Electricity than Gas in All 50 States


A common refrain is that electric vehicles are expensive. Yes, they can cost more to purchase, but that is just one of the costs associated with car ownership. After purchase, your largest expense is usually fuel. So, how do electric vehicles measure up to their gas counterparts on fuel costs?

Comparing electricity and gas markets is complex and tricky. Nevertheless, Plugless has done it. And, the company’s findings are telling:  its cheaper to drive on electricity than gas in all 50 states. Let that sink in, anywhere you drive, electric fuel is cheaper than gas. This is the case when national gas prices sit very low — $2.20/gallon. 

Plugless’ analysis found that on average electric vehicle owners save $60 per month on fuel costs. That’s $720 per year. In states such as Oregon, Washington, and Montana, savings sit at more than $1,000 per year.

See the data on all 50 states and read the full story at Plugless: Driving on Electricity is Cheaper Than Gas in All 50 States

Image credit: Nissan Leaf Charging by Myrtle Beach TheDigitel