Fueling U.S. Forward President Calls Fossil Fuels “Sustainable”



While Charles Drevna was unveiling the Koch-funded Fueling U.S. Forward campaign to attendees at the Red State Gathering, he used a curious term to describe nonrenewable resources with limited reserves and wide-reaching environment impacts:

“We need a sustainable energy to ensure the future of the country. Folks, that’s of course the fossil fuels.”

As Sharon Kelly reported first for DeSmog, Drevna then proceeded to refer to fossil fuels as “reliable, abundant, efficient and sustainable fuels.”

The rhetoric provides a glimpse of how Fueling U.S. Forward organizers hope to “rebrand” oil and gas in their effort to bolster public opinion of the fossil fuels. Stay tuned to KochvsClean.com as we track the Koch-backed efforts and counter the fossil-funded PR campaign.

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